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Only Card Trick You Will Ever Need

If there is one card magic trick that you must have or are limited to, most magicians would probably agree that it is the invisible deck.

This incredible gimmicked card pack can allow you to perform some jaw dropping feats of magic with a minimum of practice. The specially prepared playing cards are available at most good magic shops and it is worthwhile buying a pack from a reliable supplier. This should cost at present around $7 to $10 dollars and this could be considered a worthwhile investment when measured against the incredible reaction and surprise that you get back from your audience.

If you have a little patience, you could even have a go at making your own invisible deck using a special set up order and a roughing stick.

As mentioned before, whether its a quick impromptu street magic trick where you walk up to a stranger, ask them to think of a card which you then magically appear from the deck, leaving your spectator absolutely gob smacked or if you ever prefer a slower more intimate style of performance, this propped deck is very versatile and can be incorporated into many different styles of card magic.

To see an example of the effectiveness of this magic prop. It is explained very well in the video above by one of the best sources of magic tuition available on youtube

You will learn not only some cool routines and handling tips but also the basics of having a go at making your own invisible deck.The reasons above hopefully justify why this is probably the only card trick that you will ever need.

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