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Playing Card - Ring Levitation

Easy but very effective levitating, visual magic trick. Simple to do.

Effect : The magician places any number between 1 and 4 cards fanned out under his hand. He slowly lifts his hand and the cards float up with his hand. With his hand held high above the table, the magician now proceeds to pluck the cards from below his hand and drops them on the table.

Secret :

Items needed to perform this simple but coever magic levitation trick are a playing card, finger ring and a matchstick.
To perform this cool levitation trick you will need a ring, match and some playing cards.
Image showing matchstick inserted under finger ring on the card magician's hand.
Put the ring on your middle finger. Then slide the matchstick under the ring so that both sides of the matchstick stick out from the ring.
Image showing playing card being held in place between the matchstick and the magician's finger.

You now place your hand with your palm facing down on the table You now slide a card under your palm, carefully sliding one side of it between the ring and matchstick.

This will grip the card and keep it in place when you lift your hand.. This move should look very natural and casual to avoid the audience knowing that you have some kind of hidden gimmick.

View  from above looks as if the card is rising up in the air at the magician's command.

Now you can now raise your hand above the table. Pressing your fingers down a little on the back of the cards, will ensure that they stay in position.

It is easier to perform this trick with a single card at first. As you become more confident, you can start to add a few more cards if you wish.


To end this trick cleanly, the magician can then pluck the card up into the air with their free hand and then drop it onto a table. This should divert your audience's attention away from the other hand containing the ring and matchstick gimmicks.


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