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Midas Touch Poker Card Trick

There are many variations of the ten card poker trick, but here we will try to explain it in it's simplest form. This easy card magic stunt will allow you to deal a few poker hands such as full house as well as three of a kind and are guaranteed to win each time convincing your onlookers that you have the Midas touch. Surely a casino players dream.

Preparation: You will need to remove 10 cards from the deck, these should consist of three sets of three of the same kind of card and one odd card.

For the example in this explanation we will be using three kings, three tens and three sevens, the odd card is a five. The cards can be of any suit.

This example uses three Kings, three tens, three sevens and the odd card is a five.

Make a light mark on the back corner of the odd card with a pencil to allow you to be able to recognize this cards position in the deck.

The reason you must keep an eye on this card is explained later.

Marking the back of the odd card.

Performance: This easy card trick works on the principle that the player that is dealt the odd card will automatically lose the round. You must make sure that the other player is dealt this card. By noting the position of the odd card in the deck ( remember your faint pencil mark ), you can decide whether to deal yourself or your opponent first, in order for them to be dealt the odd card.

By making sure first of all that the odd card is on top of the deck, you can deal the spectator a card first and then continue dealing the pair of you all the cards until you both have five cards each. On turning over the cards you will find that you will have won the hand with either a full house against your opponents three of a kind or a three of a kind against two pairs.

Pick up the cards, give them an overhand shuffle, stopping when the odd card is again on top you will deal and win again using the same method as before.

For some variety and to make out that the spectator has some control over the outcome of the deal, you can shuffle the cards again and noting when the odd card is at an even position within the deck, pass the cards to the spectator to deal. He will then deal himself the odd card allowing you to win once again.

This trick uses simple maths but gets a great reaction from your audience as they usually cannot figure out how anyone could be so lucky.