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Rip Phonebook Strength Trick


Want to show off your strength at the next party?

There are few strongman tricks so impressive as ripping a phonebook in half with your bare hands.

Try doing it, however, and no matter how strong you are, it will be nearly impossible.


With the right technique, though, almost anyone can frighten foes and dazzle everyone around them with this trick.

1) Fold the phonebook in the center with your thumbs.
Use your thumbs to bend down the center of the phonebook. Put your thumbs close together in the middle (though still along the top edge) of the book. Push down with your thumbs so that the center of the book bends down to form a sort of crease.

Form a crease in the center of the phone book.

2) Place your index fingers to the sides of the fold. While your thumbs will be on the top side (the front) of the book, your other fingers will all be folded over the edge so that they grip the bottom side (in other words, the back) of the book. Your index fingers (also called "pointer fingers") should be right against the sides of the fold your thumbs have created.

Position hands as shown in the photo.

3) Note the tiny air spaces in the crease.
Bend the side edges of the book downward with your fingers. Keeping your thumbs (and the crease) in position, begin to bend the corners of the book down while also pushing inward on the crease. You'll feel your chest (pectoral) muscles being used if you're doing it right. The crease in the book will become more accentuated, and if you look carefully at the crease, you'll be able to see pockets of air form between the pages.

Start by pulling edges downwards and outwards.

4) Begin the tear by pulling the edges downward and outward while keeping the crease folded.
Rotate your hands to tear the book. Twist the right side of the book up with your right hand while twisting the left side down with your left hand (this can be reversed depending on what's comfortable for you). Maintain a firm grip on the book at all times, and use your pectoral muscles to keep firm inward pressure on the book. The book should begin to tear.

Continue tearing the phone book.

5) Continue tearing. Rearrange your hands if necessary.
Tear through the book. If you're strong enough and maintain a good grip on the book, you may be able to rip the book all the way down the center of its length in one shot. Otherwise you may need to reposition your hands and continue ripping less gracefully. Either way, it will be impressive.

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