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Rising Card Trick - Card Levitation

An amazingly convincing, high caliper levitating card trick in which a spectator's freely chosen card is first shuffled into the deck and then made to float out of the middle of the deck by itself. This super card levitation magic trick, uses no gimmicks and requires only a pack of playing cards.

Playing card rising from a deck of cards.

Effect : This is a great example of close up magic and is a favorite of a lot of good table magicians.

This page contains a very easy to rinse and repeat instructional video.

This is a good floating trick to make do when you are asked on the spot to do some magic.

Performance : The deck is first shuffled ( It can even be a borrowed deck ) and then fanned out in front of the spectator.

The spectator is then allowed to choose any card, memorize it and then hand it back to be further shuffled into the pack.

The pack is then held out directly in front of the spectator, where they see there chosen card slowly rising up from the middle of the deck.

This looks amazing and will leave your audience baffled as to how they viewed a levitating card, right under their nose.


Tips : This street magic style, rising card trick gets a good response but can be greatly improved by an entertaining performance and good line of chat from the magician.

Practicing of the timing and the smoothness of the card moving up from the deck, should pay dividends by enabling you to perform a polished performance.

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