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The Second Deal - Card Force Sleight

The second deal is an insanely effective way to force a card at any time you want.

Effect :

magician demonstrating the second deal card sleight, in his hand.

The magician starts to deal the cards and at any time that he wants, is able to deal the card of his choosing by using this super card sleight

This insanely effective effect can be done in many tricks and for many effects or endings of tricks. the card sleight is so versatile and when done smoothly, is performed completely unnoticed by the audience.

It all happens in the blink of an eye, but a key part of the trick is in the timing, blending the switch with the force card in one seamless movement

It is much easier to explain and understand the trick by viewing it in action. The video below shows how effective this stunning card sleight is and will give you an idea of how it could be implemented into countless clever card magic routines when the need to force a card is required.

Watch a professional magician show you the sleight in action and then explain the delicate workings of the move. There are some excellent angle shots of the workings of the second deal technique explained as well.

Dont forget the old rule, repeated throughout this site, practice, practice, practice.


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