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Odd One Out Card Trick

Learn this amazing Odd One Out card trick where a spectator is given a free choice of several cards and always picks the odd one out ???

This easy card prediction trick only requires a little practice and should leave your spectators scratching their hands wondering how they always seem to pick the odd card. They will be left wondering - can you really read minds ?


Your spectator is presented with several fanned out cards held out in front of them

They point to a card which is removed from the pack,

The chosen card is turned over and found to have a blue back, while the other cards are all red backed.



Alternatively, they could have chosen a red backed card and the other cards are all turned over and found to have blue backs.


The magic trick instruction video below, shows the presentation of this cool odd one out trick. It then follows with an explanation of how to perform the trick, as well as some useful hints and tips that you can use during your performance.


This great sleight requires a red backed and a blue backed deck of cards. An alternative method is shown, that you can use to perform the trick with only one deck.

The sleight can also be incorporated into many other illusions.

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