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Spread Cull Sleight Explained

Learn this extremely useful method of controlling a playing card to the bottom of the pack

The spread cull control sleight is one of the most useful moves in a card magician's inventory. It allows a card that has been placed back into the middle of the deck to be undetectably moved to the bottom of the pack. When done correctly this slick move remains completely invisible to the spectator.


There are many methods of culling a card. The one demonstrated here is one of the easier methods to learn and you should get the move up to speed quite quickly.

This sleight is worth spending some practice time on as the need to control a card to the bottom of the deck is required in many magic tricks and routines,


The video tutorial on this page is one of the best and most clearly explained examples of card trick tuition for this move.

Once you become skilled at the spread control cull, you can perhaps look at other cull variations, although the above example should be absolutely fine for most performances

Many of the most entertaining and fun card magician performances take advantage of this sleight .

Should you wish to control the card from the bottom to the top of the deck then a double undercut will take care of this.

Tip : When the spectator places their card into the middle of the deck, maintain a pinky break under their card. This will make the rest of the move much easier to do.

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