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Three Amigos Trick

Three Jacks are clearly placed at random places in the deck and appear to amazingly find each other.

Effect : A story is told of how three jacks were best friends and how, one day they got lost and had to go different directions from each other ( see example story below).

The jacks are placed one on top, one on the bottom of the deck and one randomly placed in the middle of the deck by the spectator.

The spectator is then invited to cut the deck. On turning the deck face up and sifting through the cards, the three jacks are found to be all beside each other.

Preparation: Remove the four Jacks from the pack and place one Jack face down on the top of the pack.

Method: Start the trick by presenting three Jacks and make up a story about them being three best buddies and  how they couldn't stand being apart.

Continue to rant on on how one day the three amigos were lost in the desert and the best way to seek help was to go in different directions. The first one to get help was to come and get the others, so off they went in their different directions.

Get the spectator to place one Jack on top of the pack, one Jack anywhere in the middle and the last Jack on the bottom of the pack.

Confirm with the spectator that he is happy that the Jacks are well separated, then get him to cut the pack ensuring  that the bottom half of the pack is put on top of the other half.                                                                                                      

(This will bring the top and bottom Jack together with the previously placed Jack)

The cards are then turned face up from the top off the pack eventually turning over three Jacks together near the center to the spectators amazement.

Conclude your story that in the end the friends were good to their word and all lived happy ever after.

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