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Magician's Thumb Tip Magic Tricks

The Thumb Tip Prop Is One Of The Most Useful Tools In Magic

There are probably hundreds of fun magic tricks that can be performed by the use of a special magicians prop that covers the magician's own thumb tip like a thimble.

Your thumbs are probably the most important digits that you use in magic.

The main use of this special item is to help in vanishing and restore tricks where a variety of small items such as a coin or a silk handkerchief can be made to disappear and reappear at your command.


An example of how this close up magic looks can be seen by viewing the video below here.

This gives a good all round example of how to perform a silk vanish along with the explanation.


There is also a very useful sleight hint near the end of the video.


With a little practice, you should be able to wear the tip while still being able to move your hands freely and naturally. It is normal at first for the magician to assume that the audience will easily spot the gimmick. You will soon find though that this is not the case, thumbs are boring and not something that people normally pay attention to.

Your wised up crowd should be paying attention to yourself with your entertaining patter and also to any visible items such as a silk or coin that you announce that you are about to vanish.

Enjoy watching the performance and method shown in this video and you should soon be ready to be baffling your friends after some practice.

There is an infinite variety of easy sleight of hand tricks that can be done with the thumb tip, some of the most popular being the silk vanish ( demonstrated in the video ), changing a dollar bill i.e. from $1 to $10 and the salt vanish, where you pour salt from a salt shaker into one hand. The salt then vanishes and you proceed to pour the salt out of YOUR OTHER hand.

These three examples just scratch the surface of what is possible with this fantastic little prop.

It is difficult to explain in words how many tricks and routines can be performed with just this discrete little prop as the driving force of them all.

You can easily create a 30 minute routine doing various styles of magic, keeping your audience enthralled with not a hint of boredom. Because of the variety of your routines, no one would guess that they are powered by the same simple gimmick. Treat yourself to the Swiss Army knife of magic and let your creativity flow.

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