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Torn And Restored Money Bill

Learn this money bill trick where a money bill is seen to be torn into two pieces and then is amazingly restored back to a whole bill.

Torn and restored tricks are always popular. This version looks particularly good and is a great trick to have as part of your repertoire.

This again is close up magic and can be performed right in front of your audience, making the magic effect even stronger.


The trick in the video is performed with a US dollar bill, although other currency bills should work fine for the trick.

Learn how to do this cool magic torn and restored trick by watching the free magic trick video tutorial on this page. It shows the trick being performed which is followed by the clever method and set up needed to perform the trick.

This great sleight can be used to compliment part of your magic performance routine.

If you enjoy this type of trick, you should probably like the Cut And Restored Bill Trick which is also explained on this site and uses another clever method to baffle your audience.

The sleight can also be incorporated into many other illusions.

Like any worthwhile pastime of profession, some practice is required to deliver a polished performance of your money bill magic. This trick, once set up is very portable and able to be carried around with you easily. It should therefore be instantly ready for you to perform some great impromptu magic when the opportunity arises.