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Welcome: is designed as a valuable aid to start learning about the exciting world of card magic and misdirection. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn lots of easy card magic tricks and interesting illusions at your own speed.

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Super Quick Card Trick

Amazing free card trick where you quickly grab two of the spectator's chosen cards at super quick speed. The amazing part is that the cards were randomly placed in the deck.

Effect : The spectator is given a free choice of placing two cards anywhere in a deck of cards. They can even be handed the pack so that they can place the cards back in the deck by their self. The card magician then takes back the pack and in full view of the audience, cleanly plucks out the spectator's two cards.

Watch the trick being performed on the magic video on this page which also includes an explanation of the best workings of the trick.


Alternative Tip :

You could also use a duplicate pack of cards and use two identical pairs of cards to make the trick even more convincing.

This is simple misdirection, meaning the fact that the audience believe that they have viewed the cards being pulled out at a very fast speed. Due to this, they probably will not question the validity of the stunt.

Another great example of a magic trick done at speed is the Kung Fu Reflex Trick . This one is easy to learn and really is done in one fast fluid movement. Its a real convincer.