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9 Card Trick - Mind Reading Revealed

This is a super easy 9 card trick to guess any of your friends secretly chosen cards. Follow the simple process explained below and you will have a real party stopper to impress your buddies.

You Will Need:
An ordinary pack of cards and some willing spectators.

1. Shuffle the cards thoroughly.  If the spectator asks if they can shuffle the cards, allow them to. The cards are not set up in anyway for this trick.

2. Deal out three piles of three cards face down on the table. 

3. Ask your spectator to lift up any of the three piles and memorize the bottom card from their chosen pile. They must then place this pile face down on top of the other two piles

4. Now ask them to spell out their chosen card and to deal on the table, one card for each letter i.e 8 of Clubs = EIGHT ( 5 cards dealt ) OF ( 2 cards dealt ) CLUBS ( 5 cards dealt )

  5. It is important that after each word is spelt out and cards dealt that at that moment, the rest of the cards are placed on top of the dealt cards.

All the cards are then picked up and the second word spelt and dealt. The remaining cards are placed on top of the dealt cards and the same procedure happens for the third word.

6. As the cards are being dealt for the last word i.e clubs, in this case, the spectator is asked to turn over the final dealt card face up, which will be their chosen card.

7. Take a bow and accept the applause from  your adoring audience.

IMPORTANT :  Please note that the final card will only be their chosen one if they chose a club suit.

 If they chose any other suit i.e hearts, spades or diamonds, then you must do the following final move to reveal their card.

After the spectator has been dealt their final  cards,  perhaps for example SPADES. Place the remaining cards on top face down and spell out the word, MAGIC, as you ldeal out a final five cards The last card dealt here can be turned over and will be the spectator's chosen card.

This is an excellent mind reading trick and is a lot easier to understand when you are watching the tutorial video on this page. The video explains the simple handling as well as the simple math behind the trick and offers you the opportunity to do a slightly more advanced level of the routine to take it to the next level.

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