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Bar Bet Card Trick Challenge


This trick is ideal for bar where you can challenge your friends with a seemingly unloseable bet that works in your favor every time. So heres how it goes.

Your friend chooses a card, memorizes it, and then replaces it back in the deck.

Then, you shuffle and cut the pack.

Next, you start dealing cards face up onto the table.

Now here comes the cheeky part. Stop after a while and say, "How much do you want to bet that the next card I turn over is your card?"

Profitable and rewarding games to play in a bar to win drinks image.

Knowing that their card has already been dealt, your mate should be happy to accept the bet.

You then turn over their card, which is already on the table, instead of the next card on the pack. You win the bet. Cheers !!!


How Its Done

  1. Start by peeking the bottom card of the deck during a riffle shuffle. This will be your key card.
  2. Next, have your friend remove a card from the deck and memorize it.
  3. Now separate the deck at the spot where your friend removed their card.
  4. Hold the top portion of the deck out to your friend and ask them to replace their card on top.
  5. Put the original bottom half of the deck on top of your friend's card. Now, the card you peeked should be right above your friend's card.
  6. Now, cut the deck a few times and perform a single overhand shuffle. You risk separating your key card from your friend's card with an overhand shuffle, but it is so unlikely that it is probably safe.
  7. Next, start dealing cards from the top of the deck face up onto the table.
  8. When you see the key card that you memorized from earlier, the next card you deal face up is your friend's card. Remember your friend's card when you see it.
  9. Continue dealing about ten more cards face up onto the table, and then stop.
  10. Bet your friend that the next card you turn over will be their card.
  11. After your friend accepts the bet, you are going to do something unexpected. Instead of turning the next card from the deck face up onto the table, you reach down to the table and turn over their, which has already been dealt, face down. You win the bet!
  12. That's all there is to it. Its up to your discretion whether you use it as a friendly challenge or to win a cheeky beer.