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Card Bounce Impromptu Magic Trick

Fantastic free trick where you cause a freely chosen card to appear in some crazy places after it has mysteriously disappeared from the main deck. Watch this magic trick being performed then you can discover the clever secret in the magic trick video below.

This card trick leaves you a free hand to use your imagination on where to hide the duplicate card before performing the trick. Make up some entertaining patter and you have all the ingredients of an impressive card trick. This illusion requires the use of an easy to make gimmick which you can attach to any old business card or credit card sized plastic card. Once you have easily put this together, you will be able to use it again and again, making the small amount of time invested in making it, worthwhile.

The gimmick is very portable and will easily fit in your wallet or purse, ready to be used at a moments notice. It is always a good idea to have a few impromptu tricks practiced so that you can use them when the opportunity arises. At least one coin, one card trick and another such as the business card themed one on this page.

You never know how many times in any day that the situation will arise that people will benefit from some cheering up and entertainment, On the spot almost instant set up routines like this one are a great way to provide some amusement to your friends.

They can also be used as an ice breaker when in company where the conversation has started to lull or bring together a group of people in a room and kick of some conversation.

This can also benefit the entertainer by making you the center of attraction for a while and perhaps improve your street credibility. Don't expect the illusions to do this all by themselves, but they provide you with a good introduction

Without risking sounding boring and repetitive as I am sure that you will have heard this many times before. It is better to lean a few tricks to a good standard than to learn a lot of tricks to a so so standard.

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