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Lightning Changing Card Switch

Street magic style trick where an ordinary playing card instantly changes into the spectators chosen card in front of his eyes.

Effect: A spectator chooses a card, looks at it and returns it to the deck. The magician then boasts about about how sensitive his fingertips are and about how he can find the spectators selected card by feeling the deck.

magician demonstrating card flourish in his hand.

He then riffles his fingers across the sides of the pack a few times and removes a card from near the middle of the deck.

The magician then proudly announces that this is the spectators card and shows it.

The spectator announces that it is not. The magician  then asks the name of the spectators card and when told, the card he holds visibly switches to the spectators chosen card.

Method: Have a card selected and controlled to the top. (Methods of controlling cards and forcing a card can be found in this and other sites or magician sleight books at your local library) Now remove one card at random from the middle of the pack.

While showing this card and asking if it's the correct one, get a finger break under the top card with your left pinky. This is easily done by holding the deck in the left hand in position for dealing and pushing the top card out with the thumb getting your little finger under it and then squaring the cards back up.

When the spectator has very happily informed you that you are wrong, lay the card face up on top of the pack. Square up the cards and remove the top two cards as one.

You now have what amounts to a double faced card. When removing the card(s), take it palm down between the middle finger and the thumb with the forefinger resting about the middle (Fig 1).

When you wish to make the card change, move the forefinger next to the thumb and make the card bend away from you (concave). You can now almost grip the one corner between thumb and forefinger.

Release the corner with the middle finger and let the card snap around! (Fig 2) You will need to turn your hand a little, as well. Exactly how far you will need to turn your hand, will come with experience from practicing the trick. The two cards keep together really well after a little practice.

To polish off this jewel of a lightning changing fast trick, drop the card(s) back on top of the deck and take the top (face up chosen ) card and place it on the table, then cut the deck. This will ensure that no one can check if the card had been a double faced one.

Press card in middle to allow card to flip and switch round to show the other side of the double faced card.

Fig 1 : Holding the double faced card(s), press the centre of the card(s) with your second finger, the side of the card held by your middle finger should be allowed to slip free and the card(s) snap round to be held between your thumb and middle finger.

Card switch showing the other side of the double faced acrd. The two cards should stay together, with practice, allowing for an effective switch.

Fig 2 : The double faced card(s) (are held between thumb and middle finger. They should stay together with practice and be seen by the spectator to be one card. Practice holding hand at slight angle to hide other side of card(s)


Place the cards back on the deck.

Fig 3 :Place the double faced card(s) on top of the deck.

Place top card on table and cut the deck to hide the other card used in the double sided pair.

Fig 4 : Take the top card and place it on the table. Cut the deck to hide the other card used in the double faced pair.


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