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Easy Oil And Water Card Trick

An easy version of this visually amazing card trick

The oil and water card trick is an amazing routine and is great to watch. However, to perfect the classic version of the trick, takes a lot of practice. This version shows an easier way to show a similar effect although some sleight of hand is still required.

red and black cards separate for oil and water card trick.

Effect : Three red cards and three black cards are shown to your audience. The cards are then placed red, black, red, black, on top of each other.

The magician then squares the cards up.

On turning the cards face up, they have amazingly separated back into two piles of reds and blacks !!!

The amazing effect can be repeated two more times to leave your audience even more baffled ??

This looks stunning and beyond explanation as the cards were right in front of them all the time. This stunt goes to prove that an easy trick, performed well can be very effective at impressing your audience.

Watch the very talented Youtube magician Mismag822 perform this clever routine in the video below. Then watch the tutorial video further down the page to explain how this fascinating routine was made possible.


The next video explains how this seemingly impossible magic trick was performed.

This great sleight requires only a deck of cards and a small amount of double sided sticky tape. A little sleight of hand is required but the time invested should be worth it to accomplish such a dazzling effect

The sleight can also be incorporated into many other illusions.

If you enjoy magic tricks such as those performed by great street magicians such as Dynamo and David Blaine then this will give you a very small slice of magic instruction to get you started. Magic is both great to watch and can also make a fun and interesting hobby.