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Welcome: is designed as an aid to learning about the exciting world of magic. You will find lots of easy magic tricks and sleights revealed with easy photograph and video demonstrations such as the very useful double lift move and other essential skills to learn at your own speed.

Enjoy the site and good luck with your magic tricks.

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How To Float In The Air

How can I float in the air ? is the million dollar question ? This page offers some solutions as to how you can appear to float as well as demonstrate some cunning illusions.

Magician making a woman float in the air.

It is most peoples dream to be able to float in the air or fly.

The reality is that we are all designed to have both feet on the ground.

However there are some clever people who have thought up some ideas to convince people otherwise.

The Balducci Levitation

This is a convincing illusion that was made popular by magician, David Blaine on his television specials. The illusion sees the person lifting a few inches off the ground and looks very convincing. This apparent floating miracle is angle specific and the full explanation and tutorial of how to appear to float and have your feet lift up from the ground is available by clicking this link.

A person is seen to float up  in the air.


Street Performer Levitations

There are some very entertaining and convincing performances that you can witness by various street artists who miraculously appear to be suspended in mid air with no apparent explanation as to how they managed this feat apart from sheer magic.

The illusion of floating in the air is achieved by the use of some ingenious contraptions and metal framework under their costumes. The genius that thought up the original ideas for this engineering deserves some worthy praise.

A more detailed explanation and photo illustration is available on the Street Levitation link here.

A street performer is seen to be levitating in the air.


There are many other ways to appear to levitate some classics being

The Group Levitation A person is seen to rise up into the air lifted only by the fingertips of four people

The Classic Levitation A magician appears to make his assistant float off the ground in this well proven but entertaining illusion.

You can find the secrets behind many more levitating tricks at this link. The page also links you to an interesting section on the history of this branch of magic.


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