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The Invisible Touch Trick

A version of this mentalism trick was demonstrated by top mentalist Derren Brown on one of his television specials where he convinced his spectators that he had touched their hand but no physical contact had been seen to occur.

A version of this mentalist routine is explained briefly here :

Ask two friends if they would take part in a psychological test with you. Ask one of them to close their eyes. While their eyes are closed you tap their friend on the hand two times.


You then ask the person with their eyes closed to open their eyes and ask them if they felt anything.

They will tell you that they felt two taps on their hand – even though you were nowhere near them… in fact you could even be stood at the other side of the room.

The person with their eyes open will be absolutely amazed that their friend felt your touch even though they KNEW that you didn’t go near them. The person with their eyes closed will be so convinced that they felt two solid taps that initially they simply won’t believe that you were nowhere near them ! When everybody else watching confirms that you indeed did not touch the person with their eyes closed – the two friends, plus everyone else in the room should be well impressed ???


You actually touch both people! The trick uses a concept known as ‘dual reality’. Each of the friends thinks that the ‘psychological test’ is happening at a different time. You ask Friend 1 to close their eyes, then secretly tap their hand as you are moving towards Friend 2. After a few seconds, you dramatically (but silently) tap Friend 2. Finally you ask Friend 1 to open their eyes. The illusion is now complete.


This trick is a little more difficult, but can look mega cool !!