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The Secret Of Card Throwing

You have probably seen some impressive examples of playing card throwing, perhaps on television or maybe during a live show. It is amazing to view the speed and distance that a little piece of flexible paper is able to fly through the air, when thrown with the correct skill.

You will not be able to perform some earth shattering kung fu style maneuvers right away, but with some practice, after a little while it should become reasonably easy to be able to achieve a respectable distance.


The basic technique of "throwing" a card is different from throwing a ball or other object mainly as the main force does not come from your fore arm but from putting a spin on the card with your wrist.

The faster that you are able to put a spin on the card, the faster and further it should fly as it has now become more stable in the air.


The secret to good card throwing is the spin that is put on the card due to a flicking motion that is performed from your wrist. The hand holding the card is bent back and the wrist is flicked forward at the same time that the forearm is swinging in front of you.

The combined force of the swinging arm and wrist flick put a spin on the card and launch it through the air. There are two main grips that are popular for performing card throwing as are shown below here.

Image showing the Hermann grip which is a popular hold for throwing playing cards.

With the Hermann grip, you hold the card between your thumb and middle finger, letting the index finger rest on the top corner of the card.

Your now in position to bend back your wrist and then to flick your wrist forward and release the card into the air.

Thurston grip,which is a popular holding position used in card throwing.

The Thurston grip is another popular holding position.

It involves holding the card between the first and middle finger, then bending the wrist back, ready to be flicked forward to put a spin on the card.

So there you have it, as mentioned before, don't expect to be spearing cards into water melons or slicing candles in two without a fair bit of practice. It is best to start by throwing the cards in a relaxed manner so that a gentle throwing action from the forearm and smooth flick from the wrist, combine to put a healthy spin on the card.

This normally gets better results than a more vigorous approach. This impressive card sleight is best carried off with smooth timing and technique than by sheer force.

If you enjoy magic tricks such as those performed by great street magicians such as Dynamo and David Blaine then this will give you a very small slice of magic instruction to get you started.

You may even wish to take up magic as a professional or semi professional career, maybe working as a wedding magician or doing birthday party magic or working as a table magician in a restaurant or bar. This enjoyable hobby opens up a lot of possibilities although a lot of practice and dedication is usually necessary to reach a decent standard.

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