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Levitating Orange Trick

This is a very impressive and surprisingly easy levitating trick to perform for your friends. Ideal for performing in a restaurant or bar where citrus fruit should be easily accessible. Performance and tutorial video is shown below as well as step by step photo instructions.

Effect: A normal juicy orange is seen to be resting in your palm when it is seen to slowly rise up off your hand up and down. This looks incredible and can be performed extremely close to your spectators. Watch the video below here or check out the step by step photos below the video.

How To Do The Trick : You require only a fresh orange and a little acting skill to perform the trick. Method is described below here.


Take a fresh orange and carefully make a hole in one side towards the center.

Take a fresh orange and secretly push a hole through to its center with your thumb or perhaps a spoon handle.

Keep the hole hidden from your audience,

Push your thumb in the hole of the orange and rest the orange in your palm.

Push your thumb into the hole in the orange. The orange should then be held in a natural position in your palm.


If positioned correctly, it will look completely natural and your spectators should not notice that your thumb is out of sight.

Move thumb up and down to make orange appear to levitate.

Pretending to concentrate completely on the orange, try to look as if you are struggling to focus on making the orange levitate in your hand.

Then you can make slow up and down movements with your thumb which will cause the orange to look as if it is rising in your hand.

Done at the correct angle, this looks amazing. After a few moments, let the orange rest in your palm and carefully slip out your thumb before showing both your open hands to your baffled spectators. Place orange on table. remembering to keep the hole hidden from your audience's view.

This party trick benefits from a little acting and entertaining patter.

Practice your performing angles so that the hole in the orange and your thumb in the orange are not visible to your audience.

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