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Magic Trick By Criss Angel

A cool trick performed by magician Criss Angel and then explained


Criss Angel is one of the most popular and professional magicians around today. His twists and entertaining versions of popular magic tricks give him a unique edge and fascinating entertainment quality that is great to watch. This page shows one of Criss's performances to watch and enjoy.


Beach Blanket Trick : Here we see Criss perform several baffling moves on the perfect location of a sunny beach. Enjoy watching the video.

A possible explanation of how these incredible stunts were done, follows lower down the page.

Explanation : The most likely explanation would be that the girls in the video were already in on the trick. When Criss lifts up the blanket, you can see that the camera lowers, making it difficult to see what is happening further down the beach. The girl who appears from under the blanket could have ran up from further down the beach, she would have been hidden by the camera angle and you will note that there would have been plenty of time for her to have sprinted up.

The amazing transformation where Chris runs down the beach and then is seen to appear from under the blanket would have been done with the use of a "Criss look alike". The look alike would have been also hiding further down the beach and sneaked up, hidden by the blanket. He would have hidden directly behind Criss and performed a switch with him in the brief moment that he is completely hidden by the blanket. The person that we see running down the beach is not actually Criss but his look alike dressed in the same clothes as Criss.