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Magical Card Drop Amazing Reveal Trick

The magician guesses a hidden card wrongly. However the pack of cards is dropped and then something astonishing happens !

This is a very cool trick that can be practiced and learned reasonably quickly. It requires only a deck of playing cards and a little practice.

Your spectator is presented with a fanned out deck of cards. They are asked to pick a card from the deck and memorize the card without showing you, the magician. The pack is then cut in two by the spectator, anywhere they want and they are then asked to reinsert their secret card in the middle of the deck. The deck is then given a little shuffle, to mix it up and lose their chosen card further in the deck.

Demonstration of cards being dropped and the secret card being revealed.

You, the magician, then announce that you will use your amazing psychic powers to find their chosen card. Holding the deck min your left hand, your right hand is held over the deck and you leave it there for a moment, looking to be concentrating deeply. You then announce the spectator's card. Nope! that was not my card, replies the spectator.

Ok ! says you, I'll give it another go. Once again you repeat the previous actions of concentrating deeply before announcing another wrong card ??? Ok ! says you, I give up ! Luckily I am using a "magic deck of cards" which helps me out when I'm lacking in concentration. Let's see if the deck can reveal your secret card !

The deck is held out, face down in front of you and dropped onto a table. Amazingly, when the deck hits the table, every card is face down, apart from the secret chosen card which visibly flips over, face up, to your audience's amazement

How It's Done: Present the fanned out deck face down to your spectator and give them a completely free choice of card. The deck is then cut in two by you. The spectator then places their card back into the middle of the deck.

The deck is the given a little shuffle to convince the spectator that their card is thoroughly lost in the deck

( This is where a little card control is needed and we need to get the spectators card to the top of the deck ) There are a few ways to do this however probably the most straight forward way would be for you to take the two halves of the deck and get the specator to reinsert their card in between the two halves.

Obtain a pinky break above their card.

You should now be able to lift out the bottom half of the deck and slide off small packets of cards onto the top half of the deck, with the last card being slid of onto the top, being the spectator's card. This method is explained with photo illustration on the How To Control A Card To The Top Of the Deck page of this site.

After two apparently failed attempts to identify their card, you tell them that the "magic deck" should reveal the card. The secret to dropping the pack is all in the positioning of their card at the top of the deck which should be slightly out jogged as in the photos below.

Demonstration of pack being held lengthwise in preparation for the magical drop.

The top card is discretely out jogged a little to the right or left of the pack. The deck is held lengthwise, thumb at one end.

First, second and third finger at other end


View of card being out jogged and hand above card hiding the out jog.

When the deck is held horizontally over table, thumb and fingers should be released at same time so that the deck drops horizontally to the table.

The air pressure while falling should cause the top out jogged card to flip over.

This reveal looks amazing and completely impromptu.

Hints :

You will need to practice the magical drop to learn the approximate height to drop the cards from. Too little and the top card will not flip, too much height and the other cards may bounce and some of them flip over.

The approximate height is between 30 to 60 centimeters but may vary with the brand and weight of playing cards used. Remember also that your patter and presentation play a big part in this card finding trick.

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