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Memorize A Whole Deck Of Cards

Amazing card trick where the audience are stunned to see that the magician appears to have memorized the order of a whole pack of cards

Effect: A pack of cards are shuffled and then you the magician, are seen to quickly spread the cards and appear to be memorizing the order of the pack. The pack is then held behind your back and after some concentration the pack is held out in front of your spectator, face up. You then name the card facing them.

Goldfish in a bowl admiring a memory magic trick.

The pack is then held behind your back again and then held out in front of your spectator where you then tell them the next card facing them.

You can repeat this move for as many cards as you wish.

This looks baffling to your audience as they seem very impressed with how good your memory is

The next section of this page explains the magic secret.

How Its Done: Using any standard deck of cards, shuffle the deck and explain to your audience that you were born with the amazing ability to memorize the order of a complete deck of cards. Then proceed to sift through the cards, face and and pretend to be concentrating on the order of the cards.

The pack is then squared up ( use this move to quickly get a glimpse of the bottom card ) and held behind your back. With the pack still behind your back, take the bottom card in the pack and place it face up at the top of the deck.

Now bring the deck round the front and hold it out facing your spectator.


The card they see will be the bottom card that you previously glimpsed at (with the deck held out in front of them casually glance at the card you see facing you, as this will be the next card presented to your mark )

Bring the deck behind you again and place the bottom card face up on top of the deck. The pack is again held out in front of the spectator and the card that they see is named. This move can be repeated for as many cards as you wish although 10 to 20 is usually more than enough for everyone to be in awe of your amazing ability.

This is a good example of an audience impressing trick that you could use should you wish to become a magician for hire or even just as a casual trick to brighten up some folks day.

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