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Welcome: is designed as an aid to learning about the exciting world of magic. You will find lots of easy magic tricks as well as this out of order card trick revealed here to learn at your own speed.

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Out Of Order Card Trick

A brilliant trick, which never seems to stop confusing people, even me !!.

The object of the trick is to mix up the cards as requested by your spectator. But the cards seem to have a mind of their own and always end up in the same order as they were at the beginning. 

To begin the trick take out all thirteen cards of the same suit and lay them down in numerical order on top of the table.

Now tell your spectator to make a careful note of the order that the cards are in, square the 13 cards together and turn them all face down in your left hand.

Now say to your spectator "To stop any cheating I want these cards to be thoroughly mixed up and you will tell me how to deal them!"
You then tell the spectator that if they say the word "Deal" you will put a card on the table and when the spectator says "Dip" you will take the second card from the pile and put it on top of the first card and then deal both cards on the table.

Keep doing this following the spectator's instructions totally at random until all the cards are dealt. Now pick up the pile of cards and square it.
Now say "As you know, this has totally mixed the cards up but to make them even more mixed up we will do the same thing again!"

Once again keep dealing out the cards carefully to the instructions of your spectator, "dealing" and "dipping" at total random.
Just before you have dealt all the cards again say to the spectator "It does not matter what you tell me to do because these cards are magic and will always go where they please.

When you have finished dealing the cards on the table square them up, turn then face up and spread them across the table in a line and amazingly all thirteen cards are back in the same order as they were at the start!


Who cares how this trick works, it just does and appears totally baffling to all, as the pack appeared to have been thoroughly mixed.