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Cool Psychic Card Trick

The Magic Effect: This cool psychic card magic trick is set up as follows. 12 cards are placed face up on the table using any red and black cards from the deck in the same pattern you see in the diagram below here. You, the magician, tell someone to secretly pick any BLACK card. After telling them to make several secret random moves, you are able to tell them which card they have moved to.

Image of set up for a good psychic card trick.

The Magic Secret:

Tell your audience member to pick any black card.

Tell them to next move UP or DOWN to the nearest RED card.

Next, tell them to move LEFT or RIGHT to the nearest BLACK card.

Next, tell them to move DIAGONALLY To the Nearest RED card.

Finally, tell them to move UP or DOWN to the nearest BLACK card.

If you follow these directions carefully, this should ensure that your audience member will always end up on the MIDDLE CARD ON THE BOTTOM ROW.

This is always a handy trick to have up your sleeve as is requires very little set up and is easy to remember.