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Snap Vanish With A Quarter Trick

An easy to pull off snap vanish quarter trick which can be performed with a quarter or playing card. The coin or card appears to disappear into oblivion when you wave your hand over it.

Find out the easy secret to this amazing coin trick by watching the video demonstration.

Don't forget though that you should practice this coin trick until your confident.

Great impromptu street magic trick revealed. Then, just as suddenly as the playing card was vanished, it is plucked out of thin air again and is clearly shown to be in the magician's hand.

The snap vanish quarter routine just goes to show that a trick does not have to be complex in order to have a very convincing and visual effect. It is often a good idea to keep the workings of a magic performance simple so that you can concentrate on the entertainment part of the routine. This also frees your mind up to engage in some amusing patter with the crowd of onlookers.

You can see a good example of the importance of timing in the coin vanishing routine shown in the video above. Indeed, correct timing and very importantly, not going to fast and fluidity of movement are important key parts of the trick. If your audience see you rushing things nervously or concentrating deeply on each move that you do, then this is likely to make them think that you are doing something suspicious.

On the opposite hand however if something is done at a more casual pace and manner then this tends to look far more natural and be much more convincing to them.

On a final note, simple magic trick routines can be very entertaining, however, there is no substitute for practice and they deserve as much time and respect as their more advanced and technical cousins

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