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Sloppy Shuffle Card Trick Tutorial

Learn this powerful sloppy shuffle card trick, whose beauty lies in the fact that it looks to be performed very casually.

Spectator given free a choice of playing card.

This casual looking card trick has a really powerful finish.

The spectator has a free choice of card from pack.

The pack is then openly shuffled and cut and the card randomly turned over back to back in clumps.


This disorganized pile of cards then proceeds to make a surprising revelation.

Ifg you revealed now, how this trick was going to finish, your audience would be convinced that you were a little bit crazy or as they say in the land os Oz, "you had a kangaroo loose in the top paddock."

Learn how to do this cool magic trick by watching the free magic trick video tutorial from accomplished magician Mismag822 on this page. It shows the slop card trick being performed which is followed by the very clever but easy enough to learn set of sleights, that set up the pack for a stunning finish.


Step By Step

Pre bending the deck of cards.

The key to this trick is to bend the pack of cards just before you perform the trick.

This will allow you to easily find two back to back facing cards later in the trick.

There will only be one pair of back to back facing cards in the deck for you to find.

Spectator is given a free choice of playing card.
The spectator is given a completely free choice of card which they take from the fanned out deck.
Obtain pinky break under spectator's card.

After memorizing their card, they are then asked to push the card half way back into the deck.

You then push the card fully into the deck and maintain a pinky break under their card.


Place small piles of cards on table to appear to mix the order of the deck.

Then you appear to shuffle the deck by dropping small piles of cards onto the table. The first pile being the cards above your pinky break.


The spectator's chosen card will now be on the bottom of the deck.
Performing back to back shuffle with a pack of cards.

To appear to thoroughly shuffle the cards even more, perform a back to back shuffle as shown here.

Make sure you shuffle until you have only one last card left ( the spectator's card ).

Place this card face down on top of the other cards at the end of the shuffle ( see video on left )

Showing back to back cards.

Show that the cards are well mixed.

Top half of deck should be face to back.

Showing that the cards in the pack are mixed.
Bottom half of deck should be back to face.
Finding back to back cards in pack.

Carefully find the two back to back cards ( should be easy because of the bend in the pack ). They will usually be near the center of the deck.

Make sure to carefully return the top pile of cards to the main pack, gently flipping over the pile as shown here.

The flip is important as it resets the pack in order.

Spectator's card is revealed.

Use your favorite wizard move i.e snap your fingers or tap the pack with a magic wand.

The pack can then be spread out and the spectator's card should be the only one that is face up.


This great card routine requires only a deck of cards and is a useful trick to use in close up magic and street magic.

The real convincer for this performance is that the spectator is convinced that the pack is a complete mish mash of randomly placed cards facing back to back, face to back and face to back. The trick is worth performing, if only to see the look of surprise on their face as the deck is fanned out in front of them in perfect order with only their previously chosen card, face up.

If you enjoy magic tricks such as those performed by magicians, then this will give you a very small slice of magic instruction to get you started. Magic is both great to watch and can also make a fun and interesting hobby

Like any worthwhile pastime of profession, some practice is required to deliver a polished performance of your card magic which i suppose is only fair dinkum ?. The beauty of a pack of cards is that it is very portable and you can carry one around with you quite conveniently as it is small and reasonably light weight.

This can give you the opportunity to take out your cards and put in a few minutes practice when you have opportunities throughout your day, whether at work, traveling as a passenger on transport or during your breaks and leisure time. A little regular practice can make a difference and help you to gain the expertise to turn out an ace performance.


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