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Welcome: is designed as an aid to learning about the exciting world of magic. You will find lots of easy magic tricks and the secrets of how to float objects to learn at your own speed.

Enjoy the site and good luck with your magic tricks.

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Teach Yourself How To Levitate

Three Of The Best Levitation Tricks For You To Learn

Playing card being made to levitate on a hand.

Whether its trying to levitate yourself or appearing to make objects rise into the air, one of the best methods to float things shown on this page is sure to float your boat.


David Blaine - Balducci Levitation

Effect: The magician raises his arms up by his sides and slowly appears to rise a few inches off the ground for a little while before returning to earth quickly.

Balducci Method: The Balducci method involves positioning your audience about 8 to 10 feet away at a 45 degree angle. You need to keep your audience small so they are within this field of sight.


This is a very restrictive angle trick and it is essential that the angles are practiced, preferably with a friend or in front of a mirror.

Here's a quick way to teach yoprself how to levitate. The Balducci levitation involves pretending to float off the ground by going on to your tip toes on just one foot ( the one furthest from their

view. ) while the nearest foot is raised a little off the ground This looks fantastic as the foot on your tip toe is hidden by your trousers, the nearest foot and the angle they are watching at. You only rise a few inches off the ground but the impression is fantastic. This trick is all in the presentation with you appearing to rise slowly, wait for a second or two and then return to the ground quickly so as the audience do not have time to figure the trick out.

The picture here shows the beginning on the left and the climax of the trick on the right.

Image of Balducci levitation. Street magic levitation has been practiced by David Blaine and Criss Angel

David Blaine Version : David Blaine used various camera shots in his TV special with the audience reaction being filmed close up and linked to other clips of him in mid air with some of the angles showing the Balducci levitation.

The view that shows him rise a good few inches in the air and does not show the audience, would possibly have been done with a bar attached to a pivot like a seesaw.

The end of the pivot could have had a hook which clipped onto a harness attached to his belt and a member of the crew would have pushed down on the other side of the bar lifting David up in the air. The camera angle would have hidden the props.

This film would have been mixed in with the audience clips in the studios later.

You can find some more interesting and fun information on the levitation tricks page of this website.There are lots of other exciting magic secrets to discover on the other categories of magic chapters on the site.


Anti Gravity Magic Ketchup Trick

Amazing but incredibly easy trick, where you command a ketchup sachet to rise and fall, inside a bottle at your command with a simple hand motion. Very amusing levitating trick.

You Will Need :- A clear plastic bottle such as one that has been used for soft drinks or mineral water. You will also need a condiment sachet, these are usually found in fast food outlets.

Method :-

1) Take the label of the bottle so as to make the contents clearly visible.

2) Fill the bottle, near to the top with cold tap water.

3) Insert the sachet into the bottle, it should float at the top of the bottle.

4) Holding the base of the bottle, as if to steady it, apply gentle squeezing pressure to the base. The increase in pressure inside the bottle should cause the sachet to float slowly downwards. Releasing the grip on the bottle will allow the sachet to float magically upwards.

5) To make the sachet stop in the middle of the bottle, you need to apply just the right amount of pressure, this can be found with practice.

Rubber Band Levitation Trick

Fun with some office supplies and a borrowed wedding ring.

The Effect: Take a rubber band and thread a borrowed finger ring onto it. The ring is sitting in the center of the band, but then slowly creeps up the rubber band, all by itself!

Image of ring moving up a rubber band.

What You Need: A rubber band, not a real thick one, and a borrowed ring.

The Method: This trick almost works by itself. Actually, the rubber band does the trick, but you take the credit! Break the rubber band. You now have a long piece. Borrow a ring. Thread the ring onto the rubber band, but stretch the rubber band (not all the way; about 12" between your hands) and keep most of the rubber band in your left hand.

When you do this, you will have a long, loose piece dangling hidden in your left palm. The spectators won't see this as the back of your hands are towards them. Your hands should be at the same level so that the rubber band is horizontal.


Make sure that the ring is closer to right fingers, but not touching the fingers, about an inch away. Raise your right hand and allow the ring to fall towards your left hand and say,

"Anyone can make the ring fall down. But I can make the ring fall up!" Allow the ring to fall within an inch of your left fingertips.


Gently ease the grip on the rubber band with your left fingers allowing the rubber band to slide between your left fingertips.

Don't worry; they won't see this. (You'll actually fool yourself the first time you do this!)The ring will move up the rubber band as if it were on an escalator. Return the ring, give the rubber band out as a souvenir and bow to your thunderous applause!

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