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Teleporting Card Trick

An Easy To Do Card Trick With A Stunning Finish!!!

Effect: You remove a deck of cards from it's packet and hand them to the spectator. The spectator is then asked to give the pack a good shuffle and then deal the top five cards, face down on the table.


The magician then lifts up each of the five cards in turn and asks the spectator to write down the name and suit of each of the five cards on a piece of paper.

The deck of cards is then handed to the spectator followed by the five cards.



The spectator is then asked to insert the five cards randomly back into the deck and then give it another shuffle. They are then asked to spread the deck face up on the table and to pick out the five previously selected cards. One card will be found to be missing ???

The magician then asks the spectator to look inside the empty card packet where they find that the missing card has somehow teleported back inside the packet ??

You Need: A deck of cards. A piece of note paper and a pen.

How its done! When removing the cards from the packet, secretly leave the top card from the deck inside the packet ( you should have previously memorized this card).

For this example we will call the card the 5 of diamonds. The spectator is then handed the deck to shuffle and then deal face down, the top five cards.

Now here comes the secret part. You the magician, lift up each card and quote the name and suit of each of the five cards to the spectator for them to write down on the note paper, the spectator should not be able to see the face of each lifted card.

When you lift up the last card, tell the spectator that you have lifted the 5 of diamonds and then replace the card face down on the table.

The spectator then inserts the five cards face down back into the deck, shuffles the deck and spreads out the cards face up to find that their 5 of diamonds is missing. You can then reveal their missing card inside the card packet

This trick looks amazing as the magician has hardly touched the pack and nearly all the handling is done by the spectator