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Simple Toothpick Magic Trick

Simple Magic Trick Where A Broken Toothpick Is Magically Restored

Effect : The magician places a toothpick in the middle of a handkerchief. The handkerchief is then folded over the toothpick and picked up. The magician then proceeds to break the toothpick in several places. The toothpick can be easily heard snapping.

The handkerchief is then unfolded and the toothpick is shown to be whole and undamaged. It can be handed out to the audience for examination.

Secret : This seemingly impossible restoration magic trick is very easy to perform. You require very little preparation and only the minimum of easy to find items. The broken and restored tooth pick trick is both shown and then the easy secret is explained in the magic video below.


This type of trick is handy to use in a bar or restaurant where it is normal for something like a toothpick to be found. The fact that your audience can actually hear a snapping sound, acts as a real convincer to that the toothpick has actually been snapped. We will leave it to your entertaining patter to convince them 100 percent.

You can create another very convincing effect where a bottle full of water is turned upside down without any water pouring out. This looks impossible and the effect is made even more convincing when you are able to insert some toothpicks in the neck of the bottle which then float upwards proving that the water in the bottle is defying gravity.

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